Graphic design is the business of changing people’s minds: from a standpoint of nothing to something, or from one thing to another.

It involves the fusing of an individual’s emotional thoughts with their rational concepts and managing client capabilities of working to a points of advantage and competitiveness.

The pathways for success in this space are simultaneously logical and mysterious, difficult and stimulating, measurable and infinite, creative and pragmatic, optional and necessary. That is the way of design, with dualities ever present.

Dialogue Visual Communication is a Melbourne-based graphic design consultancy undertaking high-level branding and communication projects – all unique, disciplined, creative, purposeful, informed and results-driven – for a demanding and discerning clientele.


With a history of more than twenty years practice and over one thousand projects undertaken, the company realises opportunities for its clients to perform better as a result of the way they engage with design.

The company is an independent agency in a compact set-up, covering multiple brand and communication processes and outcomes. It typically finds involvement with complex, integrated and long-term client relationships, but is equally adept with simple, stand-alone and short timeframe projects.

Dialogue engages in a diverse range of projects fulfilled through a breadth of service and a depth of experience. This sees design delivered to shop displays, building tops and facades, bookshelves, television and computer screens, letter boxes, conferences and events, wallets, offices and board rooms, clothing, magazine pages, car bumpers, politician’s desks, products, public spaces, and even at 30,000 feet – the scope is limitless.

Brand identity, corporate communication, digital media, consumer packaging, marketing communication and environmental graphics represent core areas of its service – spanning single items through to major programs.

For the most part, ‘first principals’ (where nothing is assumed) are applied to every new project, beginning with consultation and enquiry, extending to design and testing, then concluding with execution and evaluation. Whether a project is of small, medium or large scale, each of these stages is executed to a lesser or greater extent. This thoughtful process, referred to as ‘design thinking’, always delivers viable and meaningful project outcomes.

Clients are individuals and organisations, local, national and offshore, including executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, designers, professionals, managers, developers, consultants and bureaucrats – the mix, accounting for shape and size, cannot be regarded as typical, and their diversity provides a valuable basis for exchange of experience.

The company is headed by John Frostell with support from a long-standing group of consultants, contractors, freelancers and suppliers.

The work of its people – expressed as presentations, articles, case studies, lectures and awards – has been represented through a number of prominent publications and forums in Australia and internationally.

Dialogue Visual Communication stands for good design delivered to every client, every project, every opportunity.